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***BIRDS ORACLE DECK 2 is coming soon! We expect to have it by the third week of June and will begin shipping orders as soon as we have them. This listing is for the pre-sale of these. The first 100 orders of this or the BIRDS ORACLE DECK SET will receive one beautiful 5×7 watercolour print of seven very special birds. Due to COVID-19 we are unable to ship internationally (outside of Canada/USA). If you are international and would like us to hold a Birds Oracle Deck for you, please send us an email (***

BIRDS ORACLE DECK 2 is created and written by Jessica Blaine Smith with illustrations by Mia Emily Freeman. The deck includes 44 beautifully illustrated full colour cards of birds found all over the world. The deck is housed in a gold-foiled stamped box. The companion book is over 100 pages containing all of the guts to each card to send you on your way. BIRDS ORACLE DECK 2 is a continuation of BIRDS ORACLE DECK. It is also its own separate deck so it is not necessary to own the first deck to work with the second.

The cards are printed on anti-scratch matte 350 gsm paper (that means they are real thick!). The book that contains all of the juicy information about the deck and the cards including how to use the deck and all of the details for each bird. For each bird featured in the Birds Oracle Deck, there is a description of the bird, the meaning for the card, the guts for the card that dives in deep to the meaning and then An AskAn Ask are great if you are looking to really explore the meaning for the card and want to work your way through it. An Ask contains questions to guide you in doing so whether this be by writing about it in your journal or just working it through in your mind.

This is an exclusive self-published deck and only 1000 have been printed.


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