Birds Oracle Deck Reset Journey (PDF Download)



The Birds Oracle Deck Reset Journey is a course (of sorts!) that is meant to take place over 44 days. It is a journey through each of the cards in the Birds Oracle Deck. It is an opportunity to dive in deep and really explore yourself and your life through the cards. Should you fall behind and not be able to dedicate daily time to this journey, there is no pressure to you. This Reset is here for you when you are ready for it.

*Important* You do not have to own the Birds Oracle Deck to do this Reset Journey. You do not even have to know what an Oracle Deck is to do it! You will be provided with all of the tools that you need for this. Having the deck is just an added bonus.

So what is a Reset Journey? I have always liked the word “reset”. Something is set. It’s there. Confirmed. Is being. And yet, there is the opportunity to change that. The “re” in reset. To switch it up. To alter what isn’t working. To elevate what is working. I believe that we always have the opportunity for a reset. Whether something small such as in midst conversation where perhaps the tone is getting away from you. You have the opportunity to pause, gather your words and reset that conversation to better places. We have the opportunity to reset our entire lives – switch careers, move to a different city, discover new friends, dedicate ourselves to a new hobby. There is so much room for resetting in all aspects of ours lives.

Except we all get a little comfortable in our daily lives, don’t we? Maybe we are unhappy with something – a relationship, the colour of our kitchen cupboards, our exercise routine (or lack there of) – but instead of doing something about it, we just live with it. Set.

We live with pain from the past, words that stung, memories of people that harmed us. We bury them deep. They are set.

We push back those dreams of becoming a writer or a painter or traveling the world because we tell ourselves that this can never be possible. That we cannot take the risk, that we cannot step outside of our already structured lives to make this change, this potential for failure, this potential for something beautiful and fulfilling in our lives. The risk is too high. Our lives are already set.

Reset Journey. I’m here to encourage a gentle reset for yourself. I want you to do all of the things that you have always dreamt about. I want you to let go of all that has held you back from doing those things. I want you to live the best life that you are capable of living. Because it’s the year 2020 and time is just not waiting for you (or me). For 44 days, we will journey through each card, we will dive in deep and we will do the work. Because we are ready for it. Because our deepest selves need it. Because life is for truly living.

By purchasing the Birds Oracle Deck Reset Journey you will receive a  150-page PDF  containing 44 days of reflections and journal prompts relating to each bird in Birds Oracle Deck.