Will Birds Oracle Deck be printed again?

Birds Oracle Deck

I get this question multiple times a week: Will Birds Oracle Deck be printed again?

Answer: No. At least, not at this time and in the way that it currently exists.

I have a lot of pressure to reprint the original Birds Oracle Deck. It is incredibly nice that many people are interested. I love it so much but some things to keep in mind:

  1. Birds Oracle Deck 2 was only released in June 2020 which means I am very focused on getting that deck sold and out into the world.
  2. Printing decks is very expensive and we are still in this global pandemic. I am a self-employed human who runs multiple small businesses that have been affected drastically by the pandemic. I literally emptied my savings account in February 202 to produce Birds Oracle Deck 2. A month later, my city of Toronto was hit by COVID-19. My income since then has been a fraction of what it normally was.
  3. Birds Oracle Deck and Birds Oracle Deck 2 are indie decks. Only 1000 of each were printed and that as always the intention with them. Out of respect to everyone who owns the decks and knows this fact, I like sticking with that number.

So having said that, I do feel for everyone who is dreaming and wishing for the original Birds Oracle Deck. I kindly ask that you keep your eyes on this space and on Instargram as I continug dreaming and scheming up what I can do for you. Thank you for embracing my creation. It feels so good to be seen.

x Jess

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