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Smudging & Palo Santo

Smudging is one of my most favourite things. It’s part of my daily ritual – and one some particularly trying days I do it multiple times. I even smudged myself before writing this post. Smudging is a great way to clear your crystals which is something that is extremely important to do. Smudging is when you essentially burn something – usually herbs, incense or wood like Palo Santo – and use the smoke to cleanse and clear a room, an object or yourself.

Palo Santo Smudging | Golden Blue

It is said that smudging will purify a space, clear low vibrations and get rid of bad energies. It also gives us a pause in our day to be present and focused on that moment. Before I do any sort of ceremony such as a moon ritual or card pulling or before I start a new project, I love to smudge myself to clear off everything that I was holding so that I can then be focused on the now. Whenever I get frustrated – whether it be from dealing with a difficult client or simply having a bad day – a good smudging always turns my mood around. It is the most simple and inexpensive way to change your mindset.

White sage bundles are often used for smudging. I like them but often people find their scent much too strong. Because of this, my favourite tool for smudging is Palo Santo. The scent is more subtle and it immediately brings me back to a calm place. Palo Santo is a tree that grows in South America and its name literally translates to English as Holy Wood. This tree is related to Frankincense which is no surprise. I am sure that many of you have attended a Catholic church ceremony when Frankincense incense and a whole lot of smoke is swung down the aisle. That smell instantly changes how you are feeling. Palo Santo sticks are available at most health and crystal shops these days. Our pal Kerry at Red Sky also has them in her shop.

To smudge using Palo Santo, simply hold up a flame to the end until the wood catches fire. Once you see an ember, blow out the flame. For smudging myself, I like to close my eyes, take a deep breath and then move the smoke in slow circles around my body – from top (crown chakra) to the bottoms of my feet. When smudging a room, I do the same, working all walls of the room and around any doorways. To smudge my crystals, I like to swirl the smoke around each stone, essentially bathing them in it. Before we pack up any Golden Blue orders, we take the time to smudge the products with Palo Santo. We feel that by doing this, we are clearing their energy and making them ready for their new home.

Smudging is a ritual that I love giving time to and really enjoy.