Goddess Bath




Everywhere you look, there is talk of self-care and the Goddess Bath is definitely a glorious way to give yourself a treat! Giving yourself the time to indulge in just yourself is a beautiful thing. The Goddess Bath oozes with femininity and love. It includes Pink Himalayan Salt, Rose fragrance, grounding and balancing Clary Sage Essential Oil and a Rose Quartz Crystal.

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. This stone helps to open your heart in order to enable you to both give and receive love. Rose Quartz draws off of negative energy and replaces it with pure loving vibes. Pink Himalayan Salt baths detoxify the body, helps ease aches and pains and will guarantee you a deep sleep afterwards.

The Goddess Bath also includes soothing and relaxing organic lavender, should you choose. Us two sisters are in a debate about whether we love floating flowers in our baths or not so we have opted to give you that choice!

Each Goddess Bath includes enough for two baths.

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