Chakra Crystal Bracelet 02


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We LOVE our original Chakra Crystal Bracelet so much that we decided to make a second version! Your chakras will spin in joy while wearing this Chakra Bracelet. These specific crystals resonate and align with the seven main energy centres of the body. From head to toe, and toe to head, you will feel harmoniously balanced and aligned. Information on each crystal is provided with purchase.

1st – Root Chakra – Black Tourmaline
2nd – Sacral Chakra – Fire Agate
3rd – Solar Plexus – Tiger’s Eye
4th – Heart Chakra – Rhodonite
5th – Throat Chakra – Amazonite
6th – Third Eye Chakra – Lapis Lazuli
7th – Crown Chakra – Lepidolite

Also includes black wood beads, metal spiral and small white crystal bead for a little added sparkle.